Plants that energize


One of the most popular adaptogen plants. Ginseng is used as a stimulant during intense mental and physical work, to improve thinking, memory, concentration, during rehabilitation. The plant helps fight chronic fatigue, has a general tonic effect. Many ginseng preparations are sold in pharmacies, in the form of capsules, tablets, alcohol tinctures. It is often included in complex dietary supplements.


It is used as a stimulant, to improve performance in sports, combat physical and mental fatigue, increase sexual desire. Guarana seeds contain a large amount of caffeine, they also contain theophylline and theobromine, substances similar to caffeine in chemical structure and mechanism of action. The plant is part of many dietary supplements and energy drinks. On sale are chewable tablets, capsules, lozenges, liquid for oral administration.

Rhodiola rosea

It is also called the golden root because of the color of the rhizomes. Rhodiola is used to increase tone, strength, endurance, activate mental abilities, as an adaptogen – a tool that helps the body adapt to stress and harmful effects. The tincture is recommended for improving athletic performance and for post-workout recovery. It is also believed that the golden root helps with cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, tuberculosis, cancer, but there is no convincing scientific evidence for these effects.

Schisandra chinensis

This plant is widely used in Chinese traditional medicine. Lemongrass fruits contain many antioxidants, substances that have an anti-inflammatory effect. They help increase physical performance, resistance to stress and various diseases. Other medicinal properties are attributed to the plant, but many of them have not been proven.

In pharmacies, you can buy tablets, capsules, syrups, soluble granules with Chinese magnolia vine extract. Doctors often recommend them for overwork, decreased performance, physical and psycho-emotional stress.


This is one of the main medicinal plants in traditional Indian medicine – Ayurveda. It is often referred to as “Indian ginseng”. Ashwagandha is considered almost a panacea, but there is not enough information to judge certain effects of the plant. “Indian ginseng” is often used as an adaptogen, as a general tonic, as a means to improve thinking, increase libido and prolong youth.

mushroom cordyceps

It is used for sexual disorders in men, weakness and dizziness, to strengthen immunity, slow down aging, and increase efficiency. Some people take cordyceps as a tonic. This is one of the favorite ingredients of many dietary supplement manufacturers. Often, non-existent properties are attributed to him and presented as a means of preventing any disease.


There are about 30 types of Eleutherococcus. Eleutherococcus prickly, which is also called “Siberian ginseng”, is used in medicine. The property of this plant is also referred to as adaptogenic. It is believed that it strengthens the body and increases resistance to stress, restores immunity, improves appetite, and supports the body during sports. “Siberian ginseng” is especially popular in Russia.


Long-lived tree, often referred to as a “living fossil”. At the end of the last century, ginkgo-based dietary supplements became very fashionable. The leaves of the plant contain substances that improve blood flow in the brain, they have been tried to be used (some manufacturers of dietary supplements still offer) to improve memory, thinking, and increase efficiency. However, ginkgo leaf extract has not been approved as effective or safe. Its use may be accompanied by side effects.

When taking remedies with these plants, remember

None of them is a panacea. Do not listen to sellers who assure that the magic tincture will help “to cope with everything” and “prolong life by one and a half times.” Each remedy described in this article has side effects and contraindications, so you should not take them without consulting your doctor.
Phytotherapy, especially in the mode of self-treatment, cannot replace a full-fledged treatment. Do not rely on the healing power of “herbs”.

The effectiveness of dietary supplements (and many of the listed plants are part of them) has not been proven, since they do not undergo clinical trials, but there are more than enough counterfeit and unsafe drugs on the market.