Phytotherapy or medicinal herbal alchemy

The term herbal medicine comes from the Greek phyton = plant and therapeuein = to take care of, heal.

In other words, phytotherapy is engaged in the production of herbal preparations with a therapeutic effect. In herbal medicine, herbs are used in their natural form or by obtaining extracts.

We have forgotten our roots

The use of plants and gifts of nature has existed since the time of mankind itself and is the first method of healing. Until the end of the Middle Ages, herbal treatment was still used in official medicine, but over time it was replaced by chemical and synthetic substances, and people literally forgot about their “roots”. However, thanks to the rise of modern medicine and chemistry, scientists began to study the good old herbs in detail. For this, even a special organization dealing with phytotherapy was created – the European Scientific Cooperative for Phytotherapy or ESCOP, which has existed since 1989.

How to kill two birds with one stone using herbalism?

The advantage of herbs over drugs lies in their wide range of uses. In practice, this means that this plant not only helps with a specific health problem, but also works in another area (stabilization of the intestinal microflora, mental stimulation, faster regeneration, etc.). When the body is sick, the cause is usually not in one organ (or area).
As a result of the weakening of the body, additional ailments usually occur that accompany the symptoms of the disease. One of the ways to prevent or support the body in the fight against these symptoms is herbal medicine, especially herbal teas, which you can buy on this site, with delivery throughout Russia.
Herbal medicine is of course not only teas – you can also use cold-pressed oils, balms and extracts presented on the Nature Itself website.
Currently, even doctors specializing in classical medicine use medicinal herbs. The number of professional herbalists using herbal products continues to grow.

Benefits of herbs

they are very easy to grow, harvest and process
dried do not spoil
grow in almost any environment
their use does not cause side effects
they are very effective in the treatment of many diseases
they are much cheaper than pharmaceutical drugs
Thus, we can see quite clearly that we have quite a few advantages here, although we will also show some of their disadvantages below.

Herbal Disadvantages

not effective for serious diseases (cancer)
slightly burdensome intake and dosage (you need to accurately measure the amount of herbs, and then brew in a certain way in order to extract the most important medicinal substances)
a lack of better control, resulting in many stores selling herbs that aren’t even lab tested and therefore can pose a threat
However, we must recognize that there are many more benefits to herbs that by finding the right, safe, trusted and reliable supplier, we can treat many everyday diseases very effectively and in a safe environment.